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Q: What is the 'Tuscan Wing Strap™'?
A: The Tuscan Wing Strap™ is made for ungauged tile with up to a 3mm difference in the thickness of the tile. (Our original strap is made for gauged material only.)

Q: Is there any difference how the 'Tuscan Wing Strap™' is used compared to the original?
A: Yes. When using the Tuscan Wing Strap™ made for ungauged tile, set the installation tool on level #1 to tighten and bring the tile into alignment with each other. The Tuscan Wing Strap™ has to gently coax the tile into the desired position through a 'rocking' motion. For example, if you have a line of 5 levelers in place, then carefully tighten the 1st, 3rd, and 5th straps, then the 2nd & 4th, etc. in that order, until you have gradually manipulated both tiles to be on the same plane.

Q: What size of notched trowel do I use when using the Tuscan Leveling System®?
For the regular straps, which is only for gauged material, use 3/8'' notched trowel or larger. For the Tuscan Wing Strap™ that is designed for ungauged material, use 1/2'' notched trowel or larger.

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